About the Shop: 


Welcome to Eric Michael Screen Printing Inc. We are a Screen Printing shop located in the South Bronx, NYC. We offer custom printing services and produce our own brand in limited quantities. We specialize in soft hand, discharge, and water based inks. Screen Printing is the process of passing ink through a stencil onto a substrate, most commonly T-shirts. We offer quick, reliable, and friendly service. No job is too big or too small. Turn around times are 7-10 business days. Submit your inquires to We typically respond within 24 hours. Eric Michael has over 10 years experience screen printing and personally oversees each project we take on. We hope we can print for you. 


About the Brand:


Eric Michael started customizing shirts when he was 18 years old and has never stopped. He got his start by airbrushing with his friends in a booth in the Fulton Mall, Brooklyn, back in 2002. He taught himself to screen print by 2004 and has since then gone on to hand print literally millions of shirts. His brand Eric Michael Screen Printing is produced in limited amounts and never duplicated. He personally designs and prints every shirt in each of his collections. He draws his inspiration from his native NYC, his current home the Bronx, Hip-Hop culture, 90's New York street fashion, and his love of nature. Eric guarantees that wearing one of his pieces will make you feel and look good, because he only produces clothing he would want to wear himself. His clothing is perfect for the gym, a night on the town, the walk of shame, chilling on the beach, or just hanging around the loft. When you buy a Eric Michael piece, you're buying a piece of him, his passion, his artistry, his craft, and his love for making people feel as fresh as possible.